Hello, and thank you  for choosing 
Time to Tumble for your 
tumbling needs!


Gym Rules:

Who is allowed in the gym:
No one is allowed into the gym without an instructor. Parents are never allowed into the gym unless invited by a staff member.

Tumblers should be wearing comfortable clothing: shorts, sweatpants and shirts are to be worn. No Outside shoes are allowed on the floor. Socks are mandatory. Bare feet is NOT allowed.

Tumblers are allowed to bring in water.
No Coffee, soda or colored drinks is allowed.

Tumblers or parents are responsible for their belongings. The gym is not responsible for any lost or missing items.
If any items are lost, please check in the lost and found.

All tumblers must display a positive and respectful attitude at all times. All correction given from the instructor is for learning purposes only, and should be taken in a positive way.

Below are forms that must be printed and

completely filled out, In order

to participate at Time to Tumble. 

Please call if you have any questions.


Registration form

Insurance form 


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